Why Common Application From (CAF) for AgBSc?

Getting admission for BSc Agriculture course in India involves proper planning and timely actions. There are number of procedures and formalities to be followed in order to secure a seat in reputed agricultural universities/colleges that comes under ICAR modal of functioning. Different states/universities/colleges/institutions/organisations have different entry requirements, entrance tests, application procedures, application timings, documentation, fees etc.

Students and parents are busy with 12th/Inter/HSC/Diploma exams, studies and entrance preparation. Keeping track of various entrance tests, application procedures and deadlines is an extra burden to the already busy schedules. There are varying application requirements and application dates depending up on the state, university, course etc. If you miss the last date or made mistakes in the application process, the chance for the current academic year is lost.

Inorder to keep the students free from these worries, a common application form is introduced by AGBS Consultants, Hyderabad. The student need not apply to differnt universities/colleges/states seperately. Just submit one application and rest will be taken care by us. AGBS Consultants make the students/parents life easier by taking the responsibility of applications so that the student can focus on their academics.

With this application, students are not only helped with the application process, but also receive continous guidance, counselling and followup till he/she gets the admission in BSc Agriculture and other allied courses in ICAR Recognised Universities/Colleges in India for the academic year 2017-18.

What this Common Application Form (CAF) covers?

  1. Application to ICAR UG (AIEEA)-2017 Entrance Exam
  2. Maharashtra’s MCEAR-2017 (This is compulsary not only for Maharashtra students, even for other state students including for management seats in Maharashtra)
  3. TNAU-2017
  4. AP EAMCET-2017
  5. TS EAMCET-2017
  6. SHIATS, Allahabad-2017
  7. KEAM-2017

A student can choose any 3 from the above list. This list is getting expanded on regular basis.

What I need to do as a studnet/parent?

  1. Fill the application (CAF) with all the scanned documents as attachements. Click here to fill the application (CAF) now.
  2. Pay The CAF fee of Rs. 5000 by any method. i.e. Cash Deposit, Online Net banking transfer, PayTM, Paypal, Cash.
  3. You will receive SMS and email whenever your application is submitted successfully along with a copy of the application for your further reference.
  4. Get Individual counselling/guidance/help in the process of getting a seat.

How will this works?

  1. After the student submits the CAF, applications will be submitted to the choosen 3 universities/colleges/organisations/states with the students original phone number and the students email as and when the application process opens by the respective states/universities/colleges etc.
  2. The confirmation and completed applications will be emailed to the student and regular status is updated by SMS daily.
  3. After successful application process, advance intimation regarding the exam dates, venues, counselling dates, venues, procedures etc will be regularly sent to the student by SMS and email.
  4. Guidance, counselling and help is extended at every step of the journey till the student gets the admission in the preferred institution.

What if a student has no access to computer or internet?

  1. Just give a missed call to the phone number 9000 772 442.
  2. We will call back and fix time for a meeting at your place by one of our executives
  3. One of the executives will visit personally to your place as per the date and time fixed
  4. Please handover the application, copies of required documents and the fees in cash.
  5. Rest of the things will be followed as explained above.

Benefits to the students/parents

  1. Can focus on the academics, exams and entrance test preprations
  2. Never miss a chance due to mistakes in the application
  3. Know answers to career related questions/doubts
  4. Save money and time


4 thoughts on “Why Common Application From (CAF) for AgBSc?

  • ICAR is only a policy making body for agriculture education in India. ICAR frames the broad guidelines and individual states adopt the same with or without changes to the ICAR guidelines. As per ICAR, to be eligible for BSc Agriculture, the student must have studied intermediate with MBiPC subjects. Each state in our country has adopted this eligibility based on their local circumstances. Some states are taking only BiPC candidates, some states both BiPC and MPC and some states with MBiPC etc. Accordingly, Maharashtra colleges are accepting both MPC and BiPC students for their Ag BSC programs while in AP and TS only BiPC students eligible for BSc Agriculture.

  • Sir recently I noticed in Enaadu news paper that even mpc students can also eligible for bsc agriculture from this academic year it was implemented in all other states except in our Telugu states as per the icar and central government guidelines so please explain about new changes regarding this issue because most of mpc students from our Telugu states students doesn’t know these changes if they in time they will show interest. To join in bsc agriculture

  • In AP to be eligible under Agriculturist quota, you need to prove that you have more-than 3 acres of land and the student has studied in non municipal area for at least 4 years during his/her 12 years of study

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