Tuition/Coaching Classes for BSc Agriculture and BSc Horticulture Students in Hyderabad

For regular students currently studying BSc Agriculture and BSc Horticulture can take tuition classes conducted by Sri Krishna Academy at Hyderabad for all the subjects from 1st year to 4th Year of BSc course.

Students currently pursing and preparing for their semester exams can take advantage of these special coaching/tuition classes in order to score better marks and also to understand the subject thoroughly.

Classes will be conducted by experienced and qualified faculty of agriculture/horticulture. This will be highly beneficial for the students of private agriculture / horticulture colleges of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu or any other state. The classes will be conducted in English as per the current ICAR Syllabubs.

All the important topics in every subject are completed within 1 month time and each and every doubt in the minds of the students will be cleared by the faculty. Interested students can send their details by SMS or Whatsapp to 9000 772 442 or can register their names below.

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